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I wanted to do just that! I was working a part-time job that required my presence after school and in the summer, leaving me no time to spend with my children. I began to look for ways of replacing that income with something that would allow me to be at home with my children when they were home and to be available to volunteer at their schools and be an important part of their lives.

WOW! Was I ever surprised when my Shaklee income quickly exceeded my part time income, with no additional time spent! Plus, I was still able to volunteer at my children's schools, cheer at their games, and be a presence in their lives. My children have grown and my Shaklee business has grown right along with them. 

Now that my children are grown, I am helping other moms and dads do the same thing I did - find the time to be there for their kids, plus earn an income they can be proud to take to the bank.  I love knowing that I can continue to touch the lives of others with the gift of Shaklee.

In addition to having my own business, with tax benefits and freedom of time, I feel healthier, have younger looking skin and know that I am contributing to the safety of the environment by NOT polluting with chemical laden cleaners. My husband has had an impressive improvement in his health with Vivix, our anti-aging cellular tonic.  It's made a world of difference in our lives. 

If you're interested in supplemental or fulltime income from a company with a conscience, and want time, flexibility and the tax advantages of working from home, please contact me to find out how a Shaklee business can bring your dreams to reality!